Tom and The Bus Driver

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This is probably what Tom’s screen looked like.

This past week I missed a ‘Giving Thanks‘ service at work while I was sick. Fortunately, I was able to read one of the stories the Steve Douglass, the president of Campus Crusade for Christ, International shared about how the Jesus Film Media app is being used! Here’s an excerpt of that story:

Tom was riding the shuttle bus at the hotel at a conference and asked the driver where he was from. He told Tom he was from Kenya and Tom asked him what language he spoke – he said Luo. So Tom went to the new Jesus Film Media app on his phone and selected “maps”, went to Kenya and saw that there were 37 languages in Kenya, scrolled down and found LUO and emailed it to the bus driver from his phone.

A day later Tom received the following email from the bus driver.

 That video is great. I had watched the English version before, but I was really fascinated watching the Luo version. I have sent the link to a number of friends and relatives here in the US and back at home in Kenya. Thanks very much.


Within a day of receiving the email he sent it on to friends and relatives both in the US and in Kenya. Who knows where the others may forward the email with the link to the JESUS film in Luo. The app also gave Tom a connection with James (since he got his email address to send the link to the film). If Tom had just given him a DVD it would not have had the potential to go viral on its own. This app makes it possible for everyone to share the gospel with people living here in the US in their heart language and for them to send it on to friends and family here and in their home countries.

You can share Jesus on your smartphone too, by simply downloading it from (which I designed).

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