Time(s) to Celebrate! – November 2014

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Missio-Nexus Award

Missio-Nexus is missions network representing an absolutely enormous number of missions organizations (200) and missionaries (35,000!) around the world. It helps to coordinate efforts and resources. This year the Jesus Film Project received a significant award for the work that my team has been doing! The eXcelerate Award’s inscription reads:

For strategic innovation in ministry by modeling continuous improvement that leverages digital platforms to share the gospel. In presenting this award we affirm and celebrate initiatives that accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

I am so proud and humbled (I feel both, really, is that even possible?) to be part of a project that is having such a large impact for the Gospel. Thank you for being a part of it, too!

We’ve Hit Our Goal!

Over the past 9 months we have been working on finding partners to contribute $2100 of new monthly support. I’m excited to say: WE HIT THAT GOAL! The goal really is a minimum goal, but it means that I’ll be headed back to my desk and helping improve JFM’s products full time this month, and Carrie will be helping to plan the spring semester at UCF – just as soon as we clear everything with our support coach.

So many people have started partnering with us, and so many of have increased their financial giving to make this possible! Thank you for being part of it, too!

Pressing Forward

While we’ve been working on our funding it has seemed that the Lord has been putting ideas in my (Jayson’s) head. I’ve realized some gifts that I have which need to be developed, ones that tie specifically to my current role.

This week I put in my application to a local college to pursue an associates degree in Graphic and Interactive Design. I’m excited to be pursuing something that I’ve grown passionate about – and something that will help the Jesus Film Media platform deliver the Gospel into more hands. When I told my boss that I was going to do this in my free time, he suggested that there would be a possibility of my team picking up part of the tab! Nothing is even close to sure yet – please pray that the next steps would be clear.

Pray For:

  • The application process and the finances as I pursue this new education endeavor.
  • Gospel opportunities with my fellow students.
  • Carrie’s re-entry into the UCF team as the semester ends and they begin planning for the Spring semester.

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