The 5 Things [Video]

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This fall, Carrie’s team produced this short vision piece commissioned by “100% Sent,” another Campus Crusade team here who focuses on continuity of the mission for students as they graduate. With the hard work of two more technically-savvy Media LAB team members, Carrie’s draft script and and concept were able to become a finished video that was viewed by thousands of students at winter conferences around the country.

The idea is based around the “5 Things” the team feels are essential components of missional living, both during and after college:

  • Kingdom Vision
  • A Team
  • A Plan
  • Ongoing Equipping
  • Coaching

For more on this initiative of Campus Crusade, check out, a tool to connect alumni with resources and like-minded people to help them live and share the gospel locally.

Two things of moderately-interesting note in the video: the mirror frame was a freebie we found in Grove City, PA (it usually hangs in our dining room), and the actor in the video is a fellow Lake Hart STINTer (he’s one of our closer friends here).

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