About 3 million students were in Krakow for WYD.

Charging With JESUS in Krakow⚡️📱🔋

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Back! YAY! After 10 months of full-time fund raising we hit our baseline goal in December, so I’m back in the office full time, now. And, I’ve jumped in with both feet. Since returning to my desk in the Jesus Film Project Digital team, I’m working on three different projects – I’ll share about two of them for now. One …

April 2016 — Update on Whelpley Boys & Their Names

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We are proud to announce the birth of our second son, Xander “Xan” Whelpley (pronounced zan)! He was born on 26 February, 2016 at 11:07am! Our family takes names seriously. Xander is a shortened form of Alexander – a family name on Carrie’s side. It’s original Greek meaning is something like “defender of the people.” We hope that he will …

Time(s) to Celebrate! – November 2014

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Missio-Nexus Award Missio-Nexus is missions network representing an absolutely enormous number of missions organizations (200) and missionaries (35,000!) around the world. It helps to coordinate efforts and resources. This year the Jesus Film Project received a significant award for the work that my team has been doing! The eXcelerate Award’s inscription reads: For strategic innovation in ministry by modeling continuous …