Prayer Request: New Car

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Happy 2011! Welcome to the new decade! We’ll have some updates about our lives and work soon, but for now we have a quick prayer request. Our car is on it’s last legs: 197,000 miles & been towed thrice for three different reasons since we moved to FL (radiator, brakes & alternator/battery). Right now we’re looking to purchase something that …

Possible New House

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We may have found a just-about-perfect house inside DC. We don’t want to get our hopes up, but it looks like a great arrangement so far. Please, keep praying about this possible move – even if this one doesn’t work out we want to follow where God’s leading. Pray that He’d bring a house before us and that we’d see …

Quick Prayer Request

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Please pray for Carrie’s meeting today at 5:00 with the campus ministry board at Georgetown University. They will determine today whether or not we will be recognized as an “associated ministry” which will allow us freedom next year to seek to start a movement on the prestigious university’s campus.