About 3 million students were in Krakow for WYD.

Charging With JESUS in Krakow⚡️📱🔋

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Back! YAY! After 10 months of full-time fund raising we hit our baseline goal in December, so I’m back in the office full time, now. And, I’ve jumped in with both feet. Since returning to my desk in the Jesus Film Project Digital team, I’m working on three different projects – I’ll share about two of them for now. One …

The JESUS Film Project is dead, long live the Jesus Film Project. — February 2016

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The JESUS Film Project(s?) What happens after a few decades of good ideas built on good ideas, led by entrepreneurial people who love new things? An organization that looks a little like the image at the beginning of this update. All of these logos, all of the “organizations” fit under the larger umbrella of The JESUS Film Project… and there …

I’ve got homework. So do you! – February 2015

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New Year, New Things… If you remember back to our November update, I (Jayson) was thinking about going back to school.Well, I’m 4 weeks into his first semester pursuing matched set of Graphic- & Interactive-Design degrees. There has already been things that have been useful for my work with Jesus Film Media. As a matter of fact, I have a …