September 2010 Update

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Floridians! As of last Wednesday, the Whelpleys are legal Floridians (even if Jayson likes to have fun with his license)! Thanks to some above-and-beyond-type friends (thanks, Heralds!), we’re shipped and settled in a spacious two-bedroom place that’s ours for the year. The surplus of toll roads and strip malls will take some getting used to, but make a worthy trade …

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November 2009 Update

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“How’d it go?” After a busy first 8 weeks, Fall Retreat, and 25 visiting staff “blitzing” four DC campuses for 3 days, there’s never been a more reasonable question to ask.  And I’ve never felt less sure how to answer.  Can I let you eavesdrop a little while I think on it? Carrie, do you love me? Yes, Lord… Why do …

October 2008 Update

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Hello friends and ministry partners! I wanted to let you all know that with this prayer letter from the end of October we have redesigned our prayer letter to be smaller to download as a PDF, it’s less than 2Mb. You can download it here. Also, I wanted to ask for prayer from all of you. As of this week …