August 2013 Update

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Stand-Making Curiosity. Confusion. Vague guilt. Defensiveness. Legitimate questions. This was something close to the string of emotions that charged through me as I read the email forward that was printed off and tucked into the self-addressed, stamped envelope we recently received back from a completely anonymous friend. No return address. No signature. The gist of the forward? “The postage stamps …

April 2010 Update

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What do you do again? Some days, I wonder this myself.  My position focus outlines a few basic responsibilities, among which are loving my Lord and team, learning the culture of my city, and coaching student-led spiritual movements on college campuses here.  The accompanying expectations vary from helpful to rather vague, depending on the tilt of the day. Once in …

Email Problems.

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Just so you all know, one of our emails has been hacked. If you get a weird email from, disregard it – it’s not from me! Please pray for the situation, there is a lot in there that I need to get to as soon as possible!