Daasanach – Number 1,500!

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The Daasanach language is spoken by about 85,000 people from a people group of the same name living in and around Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan. The people are largely cattle herders, and some have referred to their culture as “tribal avant-garde” with just one example being the colorful headgear they love to wear. While the New Testament is available …

About 3 million students were in Krakow for WYD.

Charging With JESUS in Krakow⚡️📱🔋

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Back! YAY! After 10 months of full-time fund raising we hit our baseline goal in December, so I’m back in the office full time, now. And, I’ve jumped in with both feet. Since returning to my desk in the Jesus Film Project Digital team, I’m working on three different projects – I’ll share about two of them for now. One …