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November 2009 Update

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“How’d it go?” After a busy first 8 weeks, Fall Retreat, and 25 visiting staff “blitzing” four DC campuses for 3 days, there’s never been a more reasonable question to ask.  And I’ve never felt less sure how to answer.  Can I let you eavesdrop a little while I think on it? Carrie, do you love me? Yes, Lord… Why do …

May 2009 Update

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“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – B. Franklin The sign that said that caught students’ attention too. On April 24, we spent about 10 hours at Georgetown University for Georgetown Day, the campus’ annual excuse for an all-day block party on the quad complete with bands, free food and about 10,000 people. …

March Prayer Letter – 100th Site Post

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Note: First off, it’s a miracle! We’re actually putting out our March Prayer Letter in March! Secondly, we’ll be posting some pictures of our trip to North Africa soon, we have to edit out ones that would identify too specifically where it was that we went, even though we were very very safe, there are still security issues involved. To …