Regional Staff Conference

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Low level stress – and lots of it. Driving 3 hours each day on campus; helping students to manage their personal, social and spiritual lives and share their fatith; planning sermons and talks; helping students make good decisions about their futures – spring, next summer and beyond… the list goes on, and sometimes that stress piles up along with questions. These questions swirl through our mind like, thoughts like

How do I get this student to understand that doing something ‘Christian’ every night of the week is not necissarily good,

Why is it that I am driving to campus every day to spend an hour meeting with one student to let them know what’s going on in the summer for missions projects?

It’s at times like this that CCC excells at taking care of thier staff. This Sunday we’ll head to Valley Forge, PA for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Staff Conference. Time spent with other staff, learning what they’re doint that is successful on thier campuses and what they’re doing to make their time and their students more effective.

From Sunday the 20th through Wednesday the 23rd we’ll be surrounded by those that know better (not ‘know better’) how to do this thing we call campus ministry. Please lift us up to our Master that we would be able to come away from this and the Thanksgiving holiday with Carrie’s family refreshed, encouraged, emboldened and better equipped for the end of the semester and the beginning of the next.

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