Pray for my brain.

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I have a lot on my plate…

I’m speaking tonight at Clarion, about what? I’m not quite sure yet. I have to plan a Bible Study for Behrend on Thursday as well and I have a full day tomorrow.

In in the movie Tommy Boy, David Spade says, “Did anyone see Scanners?” – I know what he’s talking about now.

Pray that my brain doesn’t blow up.

Update (7:04 PM) – The talk for Clarion is done. Pray that I will be filled with the Spirit of God that students will be affected to follow after God’s plan of reaching every person with His grace.

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  1. Without wishing to add more issues to your old brain Jayson me old chum I have to report that I am deeply distressed at being unable to read your newsletters online. I have clicked the link and consistently been informed that the page is unavailable. It makes me want to cry every time it happens. And no…don’t blame British computers or internet.

    That phone call is still on the agenda by the way…I just also have muchos work…semianr to write for the weekend…BAH!

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