Penn State Cru on the Penn State Scandal: A Lack of Love

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Every time there’s a scandal or tragedy on any college campus, I think that it hits a lot of Cru staff a differently and closer than many. When Virginia Tech lost students to an out-of-control gunman it hit us harder than most in Western PA because we know the staff team that mourned the death of some of their disciples. This morning the news carried reports of a gunman on campus in Wilmington, NC and my heart prayed for JP, my roommate from a Summer Project over a decade ago who now leads that campus’ team.

For this reason and because we’re temporarily living about an hour from the campus, our reactions to the disgusting Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State are deep indeed. Of the scores of Cru staff that we’re friends with, Penn State alumni make up a significant portion – indeed, most of our very closest friends cheered in Happy Valley for a time.

Thursday nights are when Penn State Cru has their large-group weekly meeting. At it Tim Henderson, the team leader and a friend of ours, broke away from their ongoing series to talk about how Christians at Penn State should be thinking about the situation.

When victim six returned home from a visit with Sandusky, his mom noticed he had wet hair. On the basis of that small detail alone she was concerned and learned that they had showered together. Immediately this mom called the police, cooperated in a wiretap, confronted Sandusky to his face…

What’s the difference between these cases?

The difference is the mom loved her son. She loved her little boy and was moved to outrage by the simple fact of his wet hair. She moved aggressively. She wasn’t fulfilling a legal obligation, and she wasn’t fulfilling a moral obligation. Obligation wasn’t the issue.

Love is the issue.

Last Tuesday (the night of the riots), I spoke with one of our Penn State friends who now lives in Orlando and he was deeply upset – “my home is self-destructing.” He spoke of a deep pain drawing him to pray for his alma mater – so that it would be a place of healing and joy. Somewhere over which “Jesus Christ would be King.”

Take some time to visit the page and take a look or listen at what our friend had to say. You can listen to the talk, or read the abridged or full transcript. I’d suggest listening to the entire talk – it’s powerful.

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