Peniel – Pray for a night of wrestling!

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For those who have pursued God for any length of time, we know that it sometimes involves struggle. For believers and skeptics alike, circumstances often confound while the heavens remain silent. Over the course of the past few weeks, we have hit the campuses across the city with poster board and sharpie in hand, posing the question (“what one question would you ask God”) and encouraging students to keep wrestling, even if it means we come back with a limp.

Friday night, we’ll be hosting a city-wide gathering (hopefully a first of many) named “Peniel” after the site where Jacob wrestled with God. Lord willing, our growing network of Cru small groups and the friends and strangers that have been invited will head to the University of D.C. for a group experiment in personal discovery – worship, teaching, discussion, food, community — followed by a service project Saturday morning.

Please join us in praying that:

– Jayson would have clarity in the message he’s giving on Genesis 32

– that involved students would go out on a limb and bring friends, and that the whole night would be accessible to everyone and free of “christianese”

– everyone who comes would see a healthy picture of the body of christ and understand the “whys” of corporate worship/organized religion, and embrace the idea of pursuing God wholeheartedly
– the event would cause our tiny small groups to see past their individual campuses to gain a heart for the city
– the service day on Saturday would be well-attended and a blessing to the community

-the name and reputation of Jesus would be honored by the night

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