Our Last Ministry Update – March 2022

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Our Last Prayer Letter

Last week we ended our career in vocational ministry with Cru. We’ve processed so much of this already in previous updates, and there’s not a lot left to say. If you are on our email list, we may send out “family updates” from time-to-time, but this is our very last ministry “prayer letter.” 

We are SO grateful for all of you who have partnered with us in prayer, with your finances, and by connecting us to others who might do the same. THANK YOU.

Financial Needs Through June

If you are one of our financial partners, any gifts that you give through June 23 will help with some continued financial pieces of our departure from Cru. If you’ve already ceased or moved your giving that’s totally fine, but if you haven’t please stick with us until then as it’ll fill in some final pieces for us and for the ministry – particularly our insurance and severance pay. Any gifts given after June 23rd will be forwarded on to the Nepalese families I’ve mentioned in previous updates.

What’s Next?

Ultimately, we’re going to keep walking with Jesus and going where He’s seeming to lead us. We’re doubling down on our investment in our community and in our local church. It’s also possible that we have a saved Zillow search for some areas of Pennsylvania.

For now, that means that Carrie is continuing to homeschool the kids and is pursuing a 3-year apprenticeship in classical education. Jayson is working as a Senior User Experience Designer at FedEx Ground – he’s also been asked to teach a few design classes at Valencia College starting this summer.

Jesus Film “Affiliate Staff”

I (Jayson) have loved the work that I was able to do as a designer with the Jesus Film Project, I’ve also accepted a very-very part-time volunteer role within my old department. It will allow me to “fill in” on projects that need just an hour or two here-and-there, and continue to use my skills directly for the Kingdom. It’s not paid and does not require any fundraising.

Parting Thoughts

The past 19 years have been challenging, weighty, encouraging, burdensome, formative, and ultimately an incredible blessing. As I’ve looked over the prayer letters that we were writing in 2003, I can see how much the Lord has changed both of us through calling us to Cru and abiding with us as we’ve walked this path. The friends that we’ve made – both other Cru friends, and in all of you – have been incredible blessings in both quality and quantity.

Pray for us. Pray for our kids. Pray that we would continue to walk worthy of the calling that God has put on every one of us who are in Christ. Pray that we would remember the thing that we’ve “preached” all these years – that every follower of Jesus is called to be a missionary wherever the Lord has placed them. Whether that’s in full-time ministry in Western PA, Washington DC, or Orlando; or as a UX Designer at FedEx, or a home-school teacher and neighbor in the neighborhood of Azalea Park. Or as a retiree in Mifflintown, a sales manager the Antelope Valley, a teacher in the Triangle, a die maker in Grove City, a mechanic in Lawrence Park, working at a startup in Berlin, or farming in Kansas. You are called, too.

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