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As we find our fit withing Campus Crusade, we’re starting to find other things that we’re good at that can help the ministry as well as our work on campus. I wanted to share some things that I’ve had the opportunity to have a hand in that might be a little different than you would expect:

camera WesternPACru.com OCSummerProject.com Gathering, Erie poster

What you see above are thumbnails of things that I’ve had the opportunity to do that I have had a lot of fun doing; in order: running a television camera for the giant screens at Christmas Conference, designing the WesternPACru.com website, redesigning the Ocean City Summer Project website (still under construction), and designing posters to advertize the ministry that we’re partnering with in Erie – The Gathering.

A little about each one… My degree is in Speech and Communications which included a few electronic communication classes and a good working knowledge of running video cameras and I’ve had the opportunity to use my knowledge at both the National Staff Conference in Colorado in the summer of 2005 as well as Christmas Conference last year. As a matter of fact, the image there is from a promo video they’re using for this year’s Conference, you can see it here. I’m excited to be running the “steady-cam” this year, that’s the guy who walks around with the camera and gets the angled shots of the band, speaker, crowd, etc. Woot! My major actually taught me something!

Before I was a communications major I had aimed at getting a degree in computer science, specifically web-design. I still get to use that learning now! Carrie will tell you, I have a lot of fun doing these – sometimes it will eat up whole days. As a matter of fact, I should shut my computer down as soon as I am done writing this update for all of you. I’ve learned even more as I did these sites – CSS, a little Java, some PhP. And when I can program a site and keep the code as simple and clean, it’s like poetry to me!

Also, the flier. We shared in a prayer letter not long ago about our partnership with the Gathering (the college ministry of McLane Church, in Edinboro) to reach some of the Erie schools that we’re not able to get to due to red-tape. It launched a few weeks ago and we’re starting to do some advertising for it… this is something I put together with Photoshop and some extra time this past weekend. I love this just like I love doing the web-design stuff. Let me know what you think.

I love what the Lord has me doing with the best hours of my day and I love that He puts things into my ministry that give me life and energy – from the students to designing websites and getting to use all of my nerd powers.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us!

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