Other Christian leaders on CCC’s name change

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“There’s no doubt in my mind that [Cru] will continue to proclaim Christ and seek to fulfill His Great Commission in taking the Gospel to every people group on earth…”

Brian Wright
Southern Baptist Convention

It’s been two months since Campus Crusade for Christ announced that our name in the US will be changing to “Cru” at some point next year. Almost immediately, some commentators – some who are Christians, some who are not – began to debate back and forth what our reasons were. What was missed in much of the commentary was what CCC’s leadership said the reasons were. With very little exception there were no quotes from our leaders, just soap-boxing and speculation.

Other, Trusted Voices

In the midst of it, many missed what trusted Christian leaders were saying about it as well, yet they were speaking – Tim Keller, Louie Giglio, John Piper, Ed Stetzer, as well as the presidents of YoungLife, the Southern Baptist Convention, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and The Navigators all wrote or spoke out supporting Campus Crusade through the process and into the future.

“How I thank God for you and all who serve our Lord Jesus Christ and His mission to reach the world with the Gospel at Cru! Whenever I think of you and your devotion to Christ I am encouraged and hopeful for our mutual task.”

Lon Allison
Billy Graham Center
Wheaton College

In light of this, I wanted to supply you all with something that’s been pulled together and a couple of links.

Firstly, Campus Crusade for Christ, International (still the name of the overarching organization) has put a lot of these quotes on their page addressing the name change. There are also a section of Frequently Asked Questions and some videos that our leadership have recorded to explain our decision. You can find that site at:


Additionally, I’ve uploaded a PDF version of most of the quotes together on one page. You can download that here: Name Change PDF. You can also find them on the CCCI site, here.

Finally, I would like to suggest two articles by Christian leaders who have proven themselves time and time again to think things through in a cogent and clear manner – a powerful asset in this era of breathless and heavily-spun news bytes.

Please Ask us if you have questions!

If you have more questions or concerns, you may also contact the two of us directly at (814) 218-0760 or by emailing jayson.whelpley@uscm.org.

We can assure you, if Cru were truly wavering from its core commitment to Jesus Christ or the Gospel, we would be among the first to tender our resignation.

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