One Year Ago…

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One year ago I sat at my new desk for the first time in Jesus Film Media.

My desk has collected a lot of stuff since my "First Day" post last year.

My desk has collected a lot of stuff since my “First Day” post last year.

Since then, we’ve seen a lot happen. The app launched, I added a role within my team, and we’ve added our first three partnership ministries to our platform.

Today the JFM team had a meeting to discuss some encouraging things going on. I can’t discuss everything due to security issues as well as “not counting chicks before they’re hatched.” But here are some awesome news pieces:

  • Today the app should cross the 65,000 installs line!
    • Most of them are not in the US!
  • We’re currently averaging 60,000 views of our videos every day.
    • This is the equivalent of the enrollment of UCF where Carrie is working.
  • Our newest partner, YouVersion, has logged over a half-million views since adding the JESUS Film to their app!

Imagine what the next year will bring, let alone the next two — the minimum amount that we suspect that we’ll spend in Orlando. God is working powerfully in the Jesus Film Project; on campus at UCF; at our church, Antioch 21; in our small group; in our neighborhood, Azalea Park (where we just renewed our lease); and in our own lives!

Thank you all again for your prayers and your support. We can’t do any of this without you!

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