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Great news from this past Friday!

The face to the right is the face of a new brother in Christ. Josh (not his real name) came along with the gorup to New Orleans over spring break because he is friends with Kara who leads the main meeting at Slippery Rock. After having conversations with him, Carrie and I figured out that he wasn’t a believer, but was definitely seeking and open. While we were there I got to connect with him pretty well and since we’ve been back we’ve gotten the chance to hang out a couple of times – he and his roommate played some disc golf with me the weekend before last.

Last week Dave (our staff teammate who spends some of his time at Slippery Rock) had a conversation with him and Josh had expressed some interest in participating in a Summer Project this summer which is wonderful – but there was one hitch, one of the prerequisites for going on project is being a follower of Christ.

On Friday I decided to call Josh up and ask him to hang out that afternoon which works perfectly due to his Friday class being done for the semester already. While talking through summer project materials I showed him the “Knowing God Personally” booklet (formerly known as the Four Spiritual Laws) and asked if he had ever seen it before since it’s a tool that is used extensively on Project to communicate the Gospel to people. He had never seen it so we went through it and just over a half-hour later Josh stepped into new life. He prayed there in public and received Christ as his savior and God.

Please be in prayer for Josh as he begins along this new path that he’s on. Next month we’ll share a little more about him in our newsletter.

Speaking of newsletters, the April one is up and ready to be read(-y). Check it and the extra stuff that didn’t fit into it here.

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