Movement Building in Ukraine – April 2015

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In August of 2013 I had an opportunity to travel to Chicago to train new interns working internationally on using the Jesus Film Media app in their ministries. One of the teams this year is called “Expedition Team Charlie.” Here’s an excerpt of an update from one of the team members:

There are over 300 cities across Eastern Europe and Russia that do not have a student-led movement that seeks to give every student in those cities an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. The mission of the Expedition strategy is to go to these cities and to find 2-3 student key volunteers, train them in evangelism & discipleship, and then send them out to launch the movement. The Expedition teams trust God to make this happen in one month.

We arrived in Chernivtsi, Ukraine with few Christian contacts. After networking through churches and with an English club at Chernivtsi National University, we had enough contacts to host an event. The goal of the event was to find potential key volunteers who would lead the movement, and also to find spiritually interested students whose hearts were softened to talk about Jesus.

We decided to host a short-film night. Luckily for them, Jesus Film had graciously provided them with iPads and with a projector, making it an easy event to execute. At the night of the event, 25 students came, some Christian and some non-Christian. The event consisted of an introduction to Cru, followed by three short-films, then a discussion about those films, followed by two more short-films and one more round of discussion. Through the event, the team was able to find two potential key volunteers, and many students who were open to talk about Jesus.

When asked which video she liked best, a female student replied: “I liked them all! They were all very interesting and entertaining. They were easy to connect with.”

This event was a vital part in building momentum to launch a student-led movement as it [helped us] to find two key volunteers and spiritually interested students. The two female students are now official key volunteers who will partner with national Ukrainian staff to launch the movement in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. The ministry of Jesus Film played a huge role for the Expedition Team in their efforts to launch this movement.”

I love hearing how our tools are helping to reach students all around the world, and I’m excited for the updates that are coming to all of them this year that will only make them easier to use. Back in DC, our team used a similar short-film strategy to launch our work at American University; not to mention our “film festival” is where we met Erin (“not-Aunt” Erin to our kids).

Thank you for your part in bringing the Gospel to the world!

Grace & Peace,
Jayson & Carrie

Pray for:

  • Team “Charlie’s” continued work in Eastern Europe & Russia.
  • Our church’s ongoing initiatives to serve our city, and to grow in depth as well as depth.
  • Continued wonderful growth in our kiddos!

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