March 2012 Update – WE’RE MOVING!!

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Just yesterday we signed a lease on an apartment in East Orlando! We’re very excited about it and are looking forward to moving in 12 days from now. As of March 17, our new address is:

118 Dahlia Village Circle, Orlando, FL 32807

Jehovah Shama – the Lord who Hears

From a recent JESUS Film Project story update:

In a crowd of approximately 100 people watching the “JESUS” film—a large gathering for a country in South Asia—sat a Buddhist monk. He watched the film very intently and heard Jesus say He is the only One, He is the Way, and “whoever believes Me, believes My Father.” When the film finished, he came to the film team and started talking about Buddhism. They told him that no matter what anyone does, no one can gain salvation by works. They shared with him that Jesus is the only One who hears our voice, speaks to us, sees and walks, and helps us in our every work. Their words pierced his heart, and the monk—an honest and sincere man—told the team he wanted to accept Jesus as his God and Savior. They prayed with him, and now he attends church regularly and serves Jesus. Praise God for leading this man to the truth!

Jehovah Amaer – The Lord who Speaks

After weeks of hunting, we found an apartment and were hours from signing a lease this past Friday. But as Jayson prayed that night, he went to bed with a weight of unease on his chest. Since we had asked the Lord to put us in clear agreement, we spent Friday morning searching listings for a different place. By 3 pm — less than 15 hours after praying again that God would lead us to choose well together— we’d found a place that seemed even better. A friend checked it out and three days later, we have a lease on a lovely town home close to downtown Orlando.

Our location puts us 2 blocks from the main thoroughfares, surrounded by other town homes with neighbors to meet (our friend spotted a stroller next door), and lots of ethnic restaurants. Praise Jesus who hears, gives counsel and helps us in our every work!

Pray For:

  • The next 17 days will be crazy! Jayson heads to Austin & back, then we drive to Florida and move in… pray for God’s grace and power to be evident in our family in the next few weeks.
  • Pray that we’d be able to meet & build rapport with neighbors quickly. We’d like to serve our neighborhood as well.
  • As we drive a car and moving truck south, pray for good weather and safe drivers to be around us.
  • Pray for Carrie’s parents’ adjustment to having an empty nest.

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