Let the little children come to me — March 2014 Update

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“I know this film!”

“Alex’s eyes lit up when he heard his own Kinyarwanda language on the Jesus Film Media app. ‘I know this film!’ he exclaimed. He started remembering that as a young boy in Rwanda he had seen the JESUS film several times. Even though he knew he would miss his curfew and be beaten by his father, he went back to learn more about Jesus.

“In 1994 as a high school student during the genocide in Rwanda, Alex walked four hours home to find his family and the whole village had been killed. He fled into the bush. For seven years, he endured a harrowing journey. He and 20 other boys took off through the jungle to get to freedom. By the time they reached the other side of the jungle, only Alex and one other boy had survived.

“Alex made his way to America. Recently, he became a citizen. Alex is now our dear friend and plumber. He continues to grow in his faith. He attends a strong church and is a beloved member of a men’s Bible study.”

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Tiny Tent Meetings

One of Fia’s favorite places to hang out in our home is the table-cover tent that Carrie’s mother made for her. She’s spent hours in there playing with baby dolls, iPad games and friends when they come over. This month while we were hosting our church small group, we started up The Story of JESUS for Children for her in there using the Jesus Film Media app.

She’s watched it before, but this time something must have struck her differently.  When she watches TV shows, she rarely interacts with the shows or characters. But this time, we heard her little voice a number of times, “Hey! Hey, Jesus! Hey, Jesus…” She was clearly trying to talk to Jesus. 

Jesus is my friend! He stays with me!Fia
That night at bedtime, we talked about movies, actors, and Jesus. Her almost-3-year-old heart is still soft and she has often asked to watch the movie again, which we’re happy to oblige. She tells us, “Jesus is my friend! He stays with me!”

Jesus said to his disciples, “Let the little children come to me,” and so often – if they get the chance – they will! Pray for children around the world, from the middle of genocides to safe little tents to hear His voice and call out to Him!

Please Pray For:

  • Our financial ministry support. Jesus Film Media is shooting for an August 1 release of our newest updates. Jayson’s hoping to work on a major piece of it, but our support work needs to be done first.
  • Our constant prayer for our children has been that everyone that comes from our line would know & follow Jesus. Would you join us in praying for that also?

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