JESUS DVDs for Refugees – December 2015

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On the Road…

Imagine it. Days and days on the bumpy road. Walking or riding if there’s a seat to be had. She misses her home. Why were the occupiers doing this, making it so they had to travel like this? It would be difficult either way, but for a young first-time mother, late in her pregnancy, it feels almost impossible. She’s glad that she doesn’t have more children to bring with her. She saw others on the way who had 5 or more, ­bringing them all along because they had to. It’s good to have her husband with her to help with the aches and cramps. She’s so glad that their hosts found some place to rest her head and body even if the place is dirty, cramped, or smells bad.

Perhaps her name is Mary, or Maryam. Or, perhaps it’s Yana, Sara, Bana, Jazeera, or Amena. Perhaps her husband’s name is Joseph, or Yosef, or Anas, Yaman, Sayid, or Mohammed.

Over the past few months, the refugee crisis in Syria has been all over the news. Even more after the terrorist attacks in Paris. It is, without a doubt, an important and complex issue for policymakers to decide from a political angle. But let’s put the politics aside, for those of us who follow Jesus, we clearly have a mandate to do something to care for those who are fleeing for their lives, to care for the “widows and orphans.”

“The Lord watches over the strangers…” — Psalm 146:9

In September, I (Jayson) started to work on a partnership project for Agape (Campus Crusade for Christ’s European ministry) to distribute a half-million DVDs to refugees settling around Europe.

Many of the refugees have brought their modern smart phones from their now invaded or destroyed homes. For most, this is their only portal to the outside world. Their only way to learn what is going on back in Syria. The album that holds only photos they have of their family & friends.

So, in addition to water, food, medicine, and shelter, Agape is work with other groups to bring reliable WiFi to refugee camps and ­communities. But, no refugees arrive with a DVD player. So why make DVDs? Because DVD players are one of the first things they buy when they get settled, and these aren’t just DVDs.

One of the covers I was able to put together.

One of the covers I was able to put together.

Using the improving skills that I’m getting in school, I designed inserts that also provide information for three websites. First, for the Jesus Film ­Media page where they can download the app, or watch the films in their own language, and then two more sites where they can read about Jesus.

This is my first time designing something intended for an audience in another culture completely. There were issues of which green, or yellow to print, which Arabic script to use, and even getting Adobe Illustrator to display some of the languages from right-to-left like they should be. Ultimately, I was able to provide a piece that we pray will be a catalyst for thousands to meet their Savior.

Pray that refugees around Europe would receive what Jesus is offering them: Good news to the poor, release for the captives, sight to the blind, freedom for the oppressed.

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