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A quick update on what I’m doing these days since I’ve gotten back to the Jesus Film Media office.

Many of you with whom I met over the past year heard about my work with our 3rd Party Partnerships. Helping other ministries and organizations connect with our data is a vitally important role in a team like mine, but – honestly – it was pretty far outside of my strengths. Last week I handed that role over to a guy named Joshua who joined our team about a year ago. He’ll definitely be more “on it” than I was, I’m excited to see what will come of it.


That same day I picked up a new role as JesusFilmMedia.org‘s Product Manager. My job boils down to plotting and planning the future upgrades, bug-fixes, and new features of our web-based tool for delivering the Gospel to people. Someone else does this job for our mobile app, someone else does it for our database of films and languages. This is how my boss, Gabe, explained my roll to our team:

[su_quote]He will be reviewing site analytics, user feedback, organizational goals and providing a roadmap and product vision for the site. He also has a background with web development and design which will serve him well.[/su_quote]

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about it – two books, an online class, 3-4 blogs that I’m reading every few days. It’s a pretty big learning curve for me, but I think Gabe is right that I have some background that will serve the team well! I’m excited to see where we can take this.

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