Global Hackathon participants in Thailand this past weekend.

Hacking for the Kingdom – November 2016

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This past weekend 1,426 people, gathered in 28 cities around the world for 67 hours to complete 14 challenges to participate in a Hackathon put on by 30 organizations (Cru, Jesus Film Project, World Vision, Wycliffe, KLOVE, Intravarsity, etc.).

They strategized, designed, coded, and tested to solve problems and eliminate barriers to help people around the world experience the One in whom they can find life, forgiveness & peace. The Jesus Film Project, and my team specifically was a primary sponsor of the event. One of the challenges that was overcome was something called “deep linking.” The technology allows apps to communicate with each other and enables the combining of strategies, improving people’s ability to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in clear ways.

Apps and Taking Opportunities

Sarah traveled to eastern Asia to bring Jesus to students on college campuses there. During a conversation, she showed Vicki (a student at one of the campuses) the short film Jangled on the Jesus Film Project app. Jangled touches on issues of shame, disappointment, and the dangers of hiding who we really are. Over dinner they discussed the film and life in general

“I’m not content or hopeful with accounting as my major,“ Vicky told Sarah.

“I can relate. I majored in accounting, too. And even though I work a bit in accounting now, it still doesn’t give me the happiness I hoped for. Are you looking for purpose in your work?” Sarah asked.

“Yes. But I don’t see it happening. I have no hope.”

“Can I share with you the way I found meaning and purpose even if my work is boring and hard?” Sarah said. Vicky nodded, and Sarah smiled. “I’d like to tell you about my friend, Jesus.”.

Sarah was prepared, and exited the Jesus Film app and found a different app that she had installed on her phone already, where she was able to share from an updated electronic version of Cru’s Four Spiritual Laws. In the end Vicky prayed and asked Jesus to be her Savior.


It was Sarah’s relationship with, and care for Vicky that made their conversation possible. It set the stage for God to work and make Vicky a new creation, and to give her a hope that will not disappoint. Vicky’s training helped her know how to move from one app to another to jump from film media to a succinct outline of the Gospel. In future months and years, the Jesus Film Project app can itself be equipped to train users how to do this, and can be able to switch from app to app seamlessly, making the work of connecting even easier.

Pray for Vicky, that she would be growing in her newfound faith. Pray also for us, that Jayson will continue to successfully make connections with people and technology so that the vision every tribe tongue and nation worshiping Jesus will be fulfilled quickly!

Grace & Peace,

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