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November 4th, 2005 has been a sad day.

This afternoon Carrie’s “mammy” passed away after a 4 month stay in the hospital/rehab. Catherine Regi was an amazing matriarch, mother and grandma (and grandma-in-law); she had a strong and vibrant relationship with her Savior and is now in his presence. Please pray for us and Carrie’s extended family this week as we adjust with the loss. We will miss her, and I feel like I have missed out on getting to know her better.

Also, my maternal grandma had surgery today and found out that she has pancreatic cancer and it has begun to spread. She will have to go in for chemo therapy soon. Please pray for recovery, but, even more important, that my grandpa will have a soft heart to be open to Christ’s love at this time.

Thank you so much!

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