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Get Outta Here! – September 2018

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We’re traveled for about a month this summer for vacation, to see family, and to shore up some of our financial support. We’ve had a few people ask us how they can figure out if the Lord is calling them to participate in missions. Now… we can get into all of the theological answers about how to understand what God could be calling you to, but we’re not going to. We’ll just start with this:


It’s pretty simple advice. But, we’re serious about it. Just go.  Where should you go? Wherever you want people to hear about Jesus. If you don’t know, just find a short trip that fits your schedule at first.  After all, we do serve a God with a pesky habit of securing buy-in first and giving the key details en route. (e.g. “Go to the land that I will show you.”) Grab a friend or two and go together! How do you pay for it? Either out of your own pocket or ask the Lord and other believers to help you to pay for it (we promise, it works better than you think).

Here’s our other big piece of advice. Don’t just go and do medical, or building, or practical-help trips. Those are fine, but go where you can help people hear the gospel. There are lots of organizations and trips that combine Gospel presentation with meeting practical needs.

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

– Romans 10:14

The Benefits

I cannot overstate the personal impact of seeing people hear the Gospel for the first time. If God allows you to see someone become one of the first people in their family to ever believe on Jesus, it’s can become an incredibly powerful reminder for yourself of what Jesus has/is doing for you!

Even if you don’t get to see someone receive salvation in Jesus, remember that there are inherent blessings on people who are doing the work of evangelism: “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation…” – Isaiah 52:7


There are many organizations that you can travel with and bring the Gospel. Let us both suggest Jesus Film’s own Mission Trips team, though. This is who I went with to central Asia last October. On any of those trips, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share the Gospel. If you go to you can see a full list of all of the trips they have coming up this year. If you want to go as a family, there are opportunities for children as young as 8. Some trips will show JESUS to entire villages, sometimes they’ll be on college campuses with my team’s app, sometimes you might be training people, or even distributing materials with the Gospel at major international borders. You might be in a megalopolis, a small town, in the mountains, or a jungle or desert…

Let me recommend 3 specific upcoming trips:

  • Panama: World Youth Day” – Help the 3 million youth coming to Panama this January find answers from God.
  • South Pacific – Samoa” – help Campus Crusade for Christ, International launch a new ministry location in American Samoa. You can bring kids as young as 10 to this one.
  • Ports Project” – touch the lives of North Africans as they return to their home countries from temporary jobs held in Europe. Kids 13+ welcome!

Any on the site would be awesome. You don’t need to do these, you don’t need to do a Jesus Film Mission Trip, but pick somewhere, and go!

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  1. Exactly our sentiments from West Africa! Love your forthrightness! Best to not overthink it! Just Go and get beyond yourself! And when you do, you WILL find the One who can transform waiting to do just that! Love and Blessings!

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