February 2011 Update

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Jayson at his desk.

Wait, What’s Jayson’s Job?

Can you imagine trying to read a newspaper without sections or headlines, find a book in a library without catalogs, deliver a package in a city without street addresses, or shop in a store without racks or aisles? This is the stuff of nightmares! Throughout history, the usefulness of information has always depended on the systems that make it accessible. Now, the internet has opened floodgates for information in many ways, but like any good thing in large quantity, its hassle outweighs its worth without someone to filter, order, clarify, and deliver it.

To meet this need for our staff, volunteers and partners, Campus Crusade looks to my (Jayson’s) team — Web Publishing — to keep CCC’s public website, donation site and “StaffWeb” intranet site streamlined and valuable to users.

Most international organizations our size would have a web-development team of 15-20; we’re working with 7. This need for qualified staff has, in the past, put StaffWeb behind the game with awkward links, confusing titles and outdated resources. When staff have trouble getting what they need – ministry and fund-raising tools, communication from leadership or legal advice, for instance – the field ministries (and lost students) suffer notably.


In 2009, the team began a major overhaul to redesign the site and move to a new software system, a projected 6-month endeavor. After unforeseen hardware, software and staffing problems, it’s now in month 25 and the new launch is in sight.This has made for stretched abilities but also stretched faith, as we trust that the Lord’s timing is perfect. Meanwhile, I’ve been energized by both my team and role here, learning valuable new skills and gaining an appreciation for those who work behind the scenes. Thanks again for praying!

Prayer & Praises:

  • The rollout of the new StaffWeb seems to be almost complete, but bumps are still cropping up every day which can be discouraging.
  • Carrie’s team met winter deadlines for 2 videos!
  • Our Stint group is seeking to know and follow the Lord’s lead in upcoming placement decisions.
  • If you didn’t see our Christmas photo, we’re having a baby girl in June! Pray that the Whelpley ladies keep the weight gain to themselves!

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