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In these past few weeks we’ve seen God moving in a lot of ways on many of our campuses, but one of the ways we’ve also seen some success is with a number of websites we’ve set up, like EveryDCStudent.com.

We’ve been doing advertising on the hugely popular social networking site, Facebook (if you don’t know what it is, visit the Wikipedia article). We’ve paid almost nothing – just over $11 to show the ads more than 35,000 times! We could have spent all day every day handing out fliers on campus and we wouldn’t have been able to get that many out… even better, all people have to do is click on something and they’re there. They don’t have to go home and remember to look up this random site that they have no vested interest in; just click.

The main site that we were able to set all of these up through also gives us statistics of how many people have been visiting. As of right now we have had over 250 visits to the site and 3 people have indicated that they have received Christ after visiting the site!

Hopefully we’ll have the chance to follow up with these people in the next few weeks, but we have to wait for them to contact us again through the site. Please be praying for the effectiveness of these sites and of the advertising.

Update: There have now been 6 people who have indicated that they have made the decision to follow Christ while viewing our websites!

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