Church Planting – South Sudan & Haiti [JFM 2013]

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All around the world, the JESUS Film is being used to plant brand new churches – often in areas where every church is brand new.

Refugees in South Sudan

At a refugee camp in South Sudan, more than 70,000 people found solace from a lives of political persecution, ethnic cleansing and civil war. A refugee camp run by one of the JESUS Film Project’s ministry partners.

JESUS was shown often — usually with more than 90% of the viewers indicating decisions to follow Christ!

To date, dozens of churches have been planted and more than 20,000 people previously fleeing death have found new life in Christ…

A young man named Jacob was one of these thousands… and developed and immediate desire to see his family and his community come to know Christ as well.

Ona-ville, Haiti

After the 2010 earthquake created a refugee crisis in the island nation the a staff member of JESUS Film Project forged a partnership with one local church. As a result he is now leading leading church in the tent city of “Ona-ville” that serve the 10,000 families that live there.

After one JESUS showing, 42 couples — unmarried, but living together — indicated decisions for Christ and joined the Ona-ville church. The ministry team followed up with them. An observer explained that the Spirit led them to understand their need “…to be married and make a public declaration of their new birth. Thus, a mass wedding was planned at the same time for all 42 couples. … It was spectacular!”

Other new believers include Variola — a (now former) Voodoo priestess. She brought the team back to her house to share the Gospel with her husband, who was a Voodoo practitioner as well.

“Afterward the leaders destroyed all voodoo fetishes, like rings dedicated to demons, and other items. Now [Variola and her husband] are serving the Lord in our church at Ona-ville.”

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