My friend Sheri the gospel in central Asia.

Get Outta Here! – September 2018

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We’re traveled for about a month this summer for vacation, to see family, and to shore up some of our financial support. We’ve had a few people ask us how they can figure out if the Lord is calling them to participate in missions. Now… we can get into all of the theological answers about how to understand what God …

Blahs Vegas – April 2018

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If you solve the wrong problem, it doesn’t matter how well you solve it. As I’ve pursued my focus on design as a specific path for my vocation, I’m consistently impressed by how much I don’t know, and how much there is to learn. In the last few years, it has become clear that the Lord had been leading me …

Family of 6: Ezra’s here!

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On 1 February, after the “Super Blue Blood Eclipse Moon” and about 16 hours at the hospital, we welcomed little miss Ezra Whelpley into the world! She’s healthy and has started sharing her first smiles with us this week. Ezra isn’t named after the Biblical character (or a Star Wars character), but she is named after the same concept or …