Brazil Trip Update – July 2014 Update

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7 Days, 9 Flights, 3 Languages, 60 Trained.

In May, we asked prayer as Jayson’s teammates flew to Brazil to train nationals from 6 World Cup host cities to use the Jesus Film Media app for outreach during the games. Below is an update from teammate Hannah:

People came from all over – one guy took a 14-hour bus ride to attend this training! This guy, Roberto, lost 3 days of work just so he could come and be equipped to share Jesus with his community in Natal, Brazil!

We taught them in how to use the equipment, the Jesus Film app and how together, they can be used in ministry… We specifically highlighted the films that have been added for the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Another encouraging thing for me was Hugo, a guy we partnered with, using the app as we traveled. On one of our taxi rides, he shared a film in Portuguese with the tour guide. It was so natural and easy!

Our final training took place in a favela (a local slum) in Rio de Janeiro. Though they are still fairly poor, I was surprised at how many of the attendees had smart phones. They commented on the fact that it was a common thing in their community… with the World Cup around the corner, they could now share soccer athletes’ testimonies with their friends.

Events & Ever-Afters

By now, all things World Cup are two weeks gone and Brazil has left the limelight. Hannah is home in Orlando, Roberto and Hugo are back to normal routines and the streets will likely see slightly less green and yellow. The much-anticipated event is over.

But as Jesus himself knew, the impact of the big event only goes so far, no matter how many loaves and fishes appear. The lion’s share of life-change happens as normal people bump shoulders with other “non-professional” believers, wrestling through the pits of life and the claims of Christ together.

For us this summer, the highlights have included good conversations about the gospel in light of cults, church, childbirth, marriage, miracles, death, and skepticism with at least three spiritually curious Orlando friends and some family back home.

As for Brazil and its recent trainees, they will likely be faced with a full two years of normal before their next big event on the world stage, the 2016 Summer Olympics. Pray that the unique opportunities leveraged by the World Cup will launch countless everyday folks to see their friends and communities changed by Jesus, with or without a big event.

Pray For:

  • The followup and results from the weeks of outreach around Brazil.
  • Jayson’s family. His grandfather passed away last week, there were some opportunities for the Gospel to go out. Read more about it in the post I wrote yesterday.
  • We still have a lot of traveling happening for work on our financial support. Pray for safe travel. Also pray for the health of our family and our car.
  • Our friend Bobby finally has his driver’s license! Pray for opportunities as he continues to get his feed underneath him!
  • Fall campus schedule kicks off mid-August. Pray for a strong start for Carrie’s team at UCF.

Summer travel photos!

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