Back roads, split pants…

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Early this past fall, I spent a day shadowing our teammate Maria as she visited the Penn State Beaver campus in Monaca, PA. She’s had an extra year under her belt, and I was hoping to learn the ropes of our job a little better. That day, we met with a staff woman from another ministry (who was soon leaving her position) in hopes of figuring out how we could pick up the slack with a group this woman could no longer lead. At the time, this group that called itself the “Jesus Club,” seemed little ludicrous as it consisted of one chemistry professor and the group’s two founders Jess and Cesar, who, oddly enough, were not Christians. In fact, the whole day seemed ludicrous, as we spent much of it in the car, learning which back roads are not quicker, and to ice the cake, Maria split her pants. After that day, I visited that particular campus (a small, primarily commuting campus – a nightmare for igniting a movement) one other time – just enough to be glad it wasn’t my full-time assignment.

Last week, I received an email forwarded by Maria’s husband from the chemistry prof (Michael Hay) who’s been leading the group. As it turns out, the group at Penn State Beaver has grown to over 10 and God is doing things; so far this semester, both Jess and Cesar and 1 other student have turned their lives over to Christ for the first time and will be meeting with Michael for follow up!

As we seek wisdom for what to do with our potential new starts on the Erie campuses, praise God for proof that He does cool things, even in situations that don’t look very promising at the start…

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