New Job, Needs & Training [August 2021]

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The New JD

I have a new job, and a specific, written-out-and-clear job description. Which is so refreshing. I will be a 🎺trumpetsounds🎺 Project Coordinator for JFP’s Digital Department (same department, different team). 

The role is an attention-to-details, high-touch, lots of follow-up conversations and meetings kind of job. It is not a job that I predict will be simple for me to slide into easily, and I’m not excited to get away from the user-centered design workspace. But! It’s an essential role that needs to be filled in our quickly expanding department that is engaging with a huge number of projects with global impact. And, again, a clear job description & role – and I’m excited about the challenge. Or at least I’m looking forward to learning better how to be content, and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

When I looked at our project load on Tuesday, we’re at 80 currently in process in addition to the ones still being evaluated. It’s everything from translating our Jesus Film app into Thai, and new films being produced, to licensing agreements, and new processes for gleaning insights from YouTube viewing analytics.

Before I Get Started

This January, Carrie and I took our first pay raise in 5 years (and 3 kids). We knew that this would require us to find increased financial support, and we were confident we’d be able to take the time to do so. Then in a few short months, we had quite a few financial supporters contact us to communicate that they were redirecting or ending their financial partnership with us – sometimes due to their own financial situations changing, which we were sad to hear. But also because they were going to support people who were starting into ministry for the first time, something we cheered on. 

Those losses added up (subtracted down?) to just over $1200 of monthly financial support. Long story short, it has left us needing to increase our financial support by about $2100/month. I’m going to be working on that with about 80% of my time until we meet that goal.

Jesus Film Leadership Initiative

Starting this month, I joined 13 colleagues to take part in the second cohort of the Jesus Film Leadership Initiative, a program to train emerging leaders to grow in 4 key areas: character, community, competency, and capacity. It’s a 10-month program where we’ll be learning through biweekly classroom sessions, homework assignments, process groups, one-on-one coaching, assessments, and a three-month action-learning challenge designed to research and propose solutions for practical strategic needs within JFP. 

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