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Safe Sex Facebook AdA little bit of free publicity today!

Last week I was contacted to do an interview for an article in the George Washington Hatchet, the student newspaper at GW University, on Friday I was interviewed by a student about an article about the student government on the whole giving out free condoms on campus. Recently we’ve been displaying an ad on Facebook (displayed on our website) about real safe sex.

The link leads to an article on one of our sites: which is a site based on, the site that we talked about in our last prayer letter… which I just realized I never mailed out. Expect it within the next day (oops!!!).

Anyhow, the article – located here is pretty well written and paints us in a very good light I think.

As a note, where I say that “we’re not coming on campus trying to convert students,” that is Scripturally accurate. We are called to preach the Gospel to everyone, but it is the Holy Spirit that brings conviction that leads to salvation.

Please pray that the free publicity will be effective to expose more people to the Gospel and that they would wrestle with the truth presented there. Also, pray that God would bring them to repentance and salvation!

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