April 2011 Update

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On our recent "Babymoon" trip to Key West!

“Isms” by the Book

Serving with a large organization has its perks, like partnerships with the nation’s prominent seminaries. This winter, we finished Christian Worldview, the 8th of our 11 required grad-level courses. We loved it! Deism, Naturalism, Nihilism, Exis- tentialism, Monism, Postmodernism — is it just me, or does getting a new handle on these “isms” make your brain tingle?

Worldview at Stardust

Even the worst textbooks follow certain rules. They have a table of contents, chapters to outline, and a tidy index in the back. People, however, do not.
We met Pouya at our favorite coffee shop, as our class had us try the new “Perspective” conversation cards. A philosophy- major-turned-med-student whose earliest memories involve a fast exodus from Iran while grieving family killed in the bombings, Pouya had found spirituality relevant since childhood.

For two hours, we watched the “isms” come to life in Pouya’s eclectic views on human nature, Jesus, and life’s purpose. We haven’t seen him since, but I loved his intrigue at Jayson’s con- trast between Pouya’s behavior-based reading of the Bible and the good news of Jesus as a permanent remedy for our selfish heart condition. “I’ve never heard it put like that,” he told us.

Worldview in PCB, Florida

Thousands of Cru students also met worldview in real time on the beach in Panama City Beach with the spring break crowds. This month’s Big Break conference emphasized listening and asking good questions to understand people’s views and to share the gospel in a relevant way.

We couldn’t go this year, but one update reported the following:

“5900 conversations and more than 2000 people heard the gospel and more than 200 were saved by him in 6 days. Praise the Only God!”

Visit WJHG.com to see the local NBC affiliate’s coverage of the weeks.

Prayer & Praises

  • Pray for Pouya to hunger for truth and search the Bible for answers in the midst of a very busy schedule.
  • Pray for CCC staff and others serving in Japan who are trusting God to meet practical and spiritual needs.
  • We started birth classes — June 3 is coming fast!

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