April 2012 Update

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The only one Fia smiled in.

Transitioning into Transition

We’ve joined the JESUS Film Project at an interesting time. Two weeks ago with a grand total of 5 work days under my belt, I joined the rest of the Orlando-based JFP staff in a large conference room to celebrate the passing of the leadership baton. The former Executive Director of the JESUS Film Project, Jim Green, was stepping aside to allow Erick Schenkel to take the reins. In their 5 decades on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, the Greens have lead the JFP in amazing ways. Now the Schenkels represent a younger generation of leadership, and are excited about reaching people with the Gospel through film in innovative ways.

4.1 Million, 6 Months

Last time, we recommended some tools. One that I left out was Bible.is, an app available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It comes with multiple languages of the Scriptures’ texts, audio Bibles, as well as the JESUS Film broken up into clips in 24 languages. Since September over 4.1 million clips have been viewed by around 2 million people! We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of the ways that our tools could be used in the near future!

Homepage, Homestead

Jayson’s been thrown right into the deep end with work. He has completed 1 smaller project, is wrapping up a second and will begin his largest-ever web-development project this week.

Meanwhile back on the “homestead,” Carrie’s (with the help of visiting family) has focused on getting our nest in order in hopes of having a comfortable space to entertain the neighbors we’re slowly meeting. As the Lord would have it, our townhouse sits under the only street lamp and sees lots of traffic from the school kids who have taken a liking to Fia. And just across the street, we met a young mother with 3 kids and twin boys due June 1! Pray that we would be a blessing here.

Pray For:

  • MyLastDayFilm.com – the project that Jayson helped to clean up and finish last week. It could be pivotal for bringing the JESUS Film to a new generation of Western youth.
  • A regular car-pool for Jayson so Carrie and Fia can have a car to use during the day.
  • The confidential project that Jayson is working on now that is tied to the initial release of our newest evangelistic film in at least 6 languages/countries this weekend – some in very sensitive locations.

Grace & Peace,

Jayson, Carrie & Fia


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