A brief word from Fia.

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Sometimes I have to help mom and dad out.

Last week mom and dad did something silly. They sent out the September newsletter with a little bit of an error on it.

Usually there is a box at the bottom left where they share prayer requests, each month they tend to be different things but the general design of the newsletter stays just about the same each month. Well, the two old coots forgot to change the “filler text” into something meaningful. Unlike me they’re not trying to say something novel or sneaky when they babble unintelligible sentences at you guys.

Please forgive them and pray for their administrative abilities. They keep saying something about needing me to sleep so that they can “work” or “concentrate” or something… I have no idea what that means, all I know is that I’m hungry, or I’m tired or bored. I’m not sure, I’m going to let them figure it out…

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