1,000 Years Without the Gospel [JFP 2013]

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The JESUS Film Project® Year-In-Review

The JESUS Film Project® Year-In-Review

Most Christians don’t know that the Jesus’ message of salvation made it to the Middle East, India & Africa long before it made it’s way to Germany or England.

In one of these areas of Africa — an area “known to breed radicalism and violence” — the Gospel was once widely known. But, for a millennium now, Christians have been almost completely absent. Now, through groups of college students risking their lives, the distribution of JESUS DVDs is bringing about a change.

Of course there’s been resistance. And the Spirit’s response:

The antagonistic religious leaders challenged them to heal a demon-possessed man in their village. the students took a bold step of faith and asked to see the man. They prayed over him through the night while reading Scripture, worshipping the Lord, and commanding the demons to come out of him. By morning God had delivered him.

The man proclaimed to everyone in the town that Jesus had healed him. Enraged by this turn of events, the religious leaders beat the students and drove them out of the town…

…all we have to do is place a DVD in a home, and the Word of God will do its work!

They went ahead and gave out hundreds of DVDs in the town market. They were arrested this time and “spent that night in jail where they encountered six member of an international terrorist group.”

You can probably guess where this is going, but you’re wrong. There were not six new believers, there were seven! One of the police officers trusted Christ as well!

Three years later there’s a growing church of 40! One of the leaders shared this:

The DVDs of JESUS are so powerful, and in the people’s language, all we have to do is place a DVD in a home, and the Word of God will do its work. We have a vision to place a DVD of JESUS in every home with a player on the African continent. God is doing some amazing things!


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